Saturday, October 24, 2015

Here's why you need a Real estate Agent !

Doing okay, busy with kids lol. We are coming up tomorrow morning to show property. My brother had a contact here who wanted to see it. Found out about the scams going on up there involving Investor Scams, after I talked with this person I got goose bumps, because the guy I turned down & never signed contract had all The hallmark signs of how scam works, thanks to you for looking into it for me. Basic scam is they get you to sign contract, stall inspection & during this time if you give them access to property they start remodeling, so by the time closing happens they will say they want 20-40,000 off of selling price because of what they have put it. This contact said they have had people come to them after the fact of loosing property, plus a third party is brought in to contact & person buys it from them under your nose. So glad I didn't sign & thank you😀for helping me, glad I followed my instincts. Sad part is theres really nothing to do to about prosecuting the bad investors, even though they break many laws.

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